Premium Solutions (Excel Templates)

  • EVENT CALENDAR MAKER - Read more (v2 released in Nov 2014)
    • Create customized printable event calendars
    • Create 12-Month calendars instantly 
    • Works with any year after 1900
    • 6 Calendar designs (2 Yearly, 2 Monthly, Weeky and Daily)
    • Can handle single-day events and multi-day events
    • Can handle recurring events (Every Nth day, Weekly, Monthly, Nth Weekday, Last Weekday)
    • Categorize your events in up to 12 different event types
    • Customize weekends: chose weekdays that are non-working days or weekends.
    • Create and update status of tasks easily. 
    • Can be used by project managers who handle multiple tasks and manage multiple team members. This can also be used by individuals to manage personal tasks.
    • Handles 100 active tasks at a time and 1000 task occurrences
    • Create one-time or recurring tasks (6 choices of recurring task types)
    • Handles 366 days of task occurrences at a time
    • Option to assign each task occurrence to one resource (Allows up to 25 resources)

    • Plan your projects quickly with the new Project Planner (Advanced) template.
    • Determine if and when projects will complete given each project's tasks, task duration, resource assignment to tasks, resource availability and priorities.
    • Determine if project will complete by due date
    • Prepare project, resource and task schedules at daily level
    • Understand resource utilization and identify opportunities for re-assignment to improve project completions.
    • Determine how many hours of work are still pending so that you can request more resources.
    • Estimate the cost of each project 

    • Manage inventory and sales for your business
    • Enter and manage up to 2000 different Products
    • Manage inventories in multiple locations (up to 10)
    • Create and print invoices instantly (up to 40 different products in one invoice)
    • Identify the products to be re-ordered
    • Know if the sale orders can be fulfilled or not
    • Easily understand the sales and purchase patterns


    • Create geographic heat map at the state level for 50 states of U.S. 
    • Print or Save as PDF
    • By default creates gradient scale heat map, but can also create other types of conditional formatting that Excel allows

Free Excel Course 

Useful Excel for Beginners  
  • Free on-demand video-based course tailored for beginners who are interested in learning Microsoft Excel. This course is a series of 89 videos running for slightly more than 9.5 hours. You can watch the videos at your own schedule and pause/replay as you would like. The course covers the concepts and features that I believe will help you get started and become a functional user of Excel.
Free Solutions (Excel Templates)